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Performance Pistol (concealed) 6/24/24 ****Open enrollment****

Performance Pistol (concealed) 6/24/24 ****Open enrollment****

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This course is designed to assist the concealed carrier/plain clothes officer/off duty officer in developing skills with their concealed carry handgun. In addition to gear selection, shooters will be exposed to various drills that will increase proficiency with their concealed carry draw, reloads, movement and target transitions. 

Pre-requisite: Basic/fundamental firearms training from a reputable firearms instructor school. Please email me to confirm eligibility. If you display any unsafe behavior during the course, you will be asked to leave the course immediately. 

Equipment needed:

  • Handgun with concealed carry holster (appendix holster preferred) **Ankle, shoulder or any other form of CCW not on the belt line will not be allowed**
  • At least 1 magazine pouch on the belt & at least 3 pistol magazines 
  • Pants that will allow you to hold pistol magazines in your pockets
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Folding chair (we will be using them for drills)
  • 500 Rounds of ammunition
  • Sun screen
  • Water/snacks
  • Note taking material (if desired)


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